American Red Cross Launches New App to Recruit Volunteers

Today, the American Red Cross launched the Team Red Cross App, which allows people to sign up to help, get an overview on basic tasks and receive notifications about Red Cross disaster volunteer opportunities in their community.

“When disasters strike in our communities, many people  step up wanting to help, but they may not always know how,” said John R. Hughes, CEO for the American Red Cross in the Heart of Carolina Region. “The Team Red Cross App provides a quick and easy way for these people to join the Red Cross in supporting the community and helping those in need.”

Once users download the app, they create an account. They can then learn about different jobs, such as working in a warehouse, handing out supplies or assisting with feeding. When the Red Cross has a need for volunteers, the Team Red Cross App will notify users based on their location. Potential volunteers can instantly accept or decline the volunteer opportunity.

The Red Cross is encouraging the public to download the app before a disaster strikes within the Piedmont Triad so volunteers can help immediately.  The Team Red Cross App can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store by searching for American Red Cross or by going to

The app is free and designed for iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets. Additional features include:

  • A quick orientation right on the mobile device.
  • Ability for people to share notifications for volunteers with their social network.
  • Earn digital “badges” by completing a job test, accepting a job, sharing the app, recruiting volunteers, etc. The “badges” can then be shared with their social network.
  • Allows people to donate money to the Red Cross and sign up to donate blood.
  • Offers emergency response information that people can share with their friends at the touch of a button.

The Team Red Cross App is the seventh in a series of highly successful Red Cross apps, which are now on more than 3 million mobile devices across the country. A recent Red Cross survey shows that apps are now tied with social media as the fourth most popular way to get information during emergencies—behind TV, radio and online news sites. Nearly one-fifth of Americans say they’ve received some kind of emergency information from an app they’ve downloaded, making the Red Cross apps an important way for the public to get ready for disasters.


One Response to American Red Cross Launches New App to Recruit Volunteers

  1. Carole Howard says:

    I’m a Senior Volunteer and would like to join the group of Emergency Preparedness Workers in The High Point, NC area. We have emergencies of every conceivable kind in our Senior Living Apartment Community, Please E-mail me with instructions on how to get started and what classes are available.

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