DAT = hope & comfort

The smell of a fire can bring pleasant memories of a campfire complete with a weinie or marshmallow roast.  But if you ask a Red Cross volunteer, they would most likely associate the smell of a fire with tragedy, loss…and eventually a road to recovery.  Four teams of Disaster Action Team volunteers (also known as DAT) are on call for one week each month to help those affected by disasters such as fire or flood.  Some weeks are slow…others are not.

For example, just last night…seven Red Cross volunteers responded to a large apartment fire in Greensboro.  Eight families (ranging in ages from 41 to 4) were temporarily displaced from their homes.  Thankfully, the apartment complex had other units available so everyone was able to ‘hunker down’ for the night with Red Cross cots, blankets and other necessities.  Our volunteer caseworkers continue to counsel with the affected families to assess their needs.

Our DAT volunteers are trained (at no cost to them) how to use their skills & abilities to strengthen the capacity of both the community and the Red Cross to better serve people affected by disaster.  If you’re interested in becoming a DAT member, please contact your local Red Cross:

Blue Ridge Chapter  (828) 264-8226

Greensboro Chapter  (336) 333-2111

Greater High Point-Davidson Chapter  (336) 885-9121 

NWNC Chapter  (336) 724-0511

Piedmont Carolina Chapter  (336) 226-4906

Rockingham County Chapter   (336) 349-3434

Surry County Chapter  (336) 786-4183


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