Kendall Murphy is A Life Saver!

Story submitted by Kara Lusk-Dudley, Communications Program Manager for the Carolinas Blood Services Region…



At just 29 years old, Kendall Murphy, of Greensboro, NC, is not only a Red Cross volunteer and Board member, she’s already saved someone’s life using the skills she learned from Red Cross.  Kendall is a Red Cross ambassador at the truest sense of the word.

In  August of 2011, Kendall was working at the Wyndham Championship (golf tournament) in Greensboro when a spectator collapsed right in front of her.  Kendall performed CPR to revive him until emergency responders arrived. 

“If it had not been for me being assigned to that location that day, Randy may not be here today to enjoy his life, said Red Cross volunteer and Board member Kendall Murphy.  “Randy is alive and we have a forever relationship. I never thought that Randy nominating me for an award would have been as rewarding as it has been. That August day has opened so many doors and taught me so much. ”  

Kendall received the Salute to Hero’s Award from the Red Cross Heart of Carolina Region last year, and in her words—“It was for just doing something that I had be taught how to do.”

Kendall has another connection to the Red Cross—she needs blood to survive.  Kendall has a clotting disorder and at anytime could be in need of blood to save her life.  Since Kendall can’t donate blood, she wanted to find her own way to give back to the American Red Cross.  

Kendall is very active with her local Red Cross Chapter, serving on the Board of Directors for the Heart of Carolina Region.  She enjoys volunteering at Red Cross events such as the WFMY blood drive and speaking to others about the importance of donating blood. Kendall also encourages people of all ages to learn first aid and CPR and speaks to others about all of the services that Red Cross provides.  Kendall’s husband David donated blood for the first time at the drive in her honor.  

Kendall is currently working on her instructor license to teach first aid and CPR with the Red Cross. 


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One Response to Kendall Murphy is A Life Saver!

  1. Beverly Garner says:

    What a great story!! Congratulations Kendall!

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